The Mind-Blowing Truth of Calling God “Father”

The Mind-Blowing Truth of Calling God “Father”

“Your heavenly Father.” — Matthew 6:26

If you’re a believer in Jesus Christ, you, through the shed blood of the Messiah on the cross, have the amazing privilege of calling the holy, all-powerful, all-sovereign, all-knowing Creator of the universe, your Father.

I want you to read that extraordinarily long sentence — the Apostle Paul would be super proud — and let it marinate in the bowels of your mind for a little awhile.

Through the redemptive work of Christ we have been brought into deep fellowship with the Father, having been adopted into His royal family through faith by grace as part of the New Covenant.

Since the nature of our relationship with God, through Christ, is that of Father and child, there is a demand of submissive obedience on our behalf, as God, our Father, holds all authority over everything and over every area of our lives.

This authority is not exercised using a cruel iron rod, but is so seasoned with grace that it produces joyful obedience out of love for the Lord.

Having a deep, personal, covenantal relationship with God has some super serious implications for those of us who are fathers, as the Lord has called us to share this title with Him in the context of the marriage relationship as we seek to cultivate and raise children for the glory of God.

If that isn’t scaring you bad enough to need a change of pants, you’re not getting the full weight of this.

In the covenant of marriage, God has appointed husbands to be His representative — ambassador — to the rest of the family unit. A husband, then — as noted above — shares the title of “father” with God when he has children.

We, the leaders of the home, are then to image forth God to our families by living in submission to the glorious Lord.

Again, my dear friends, this is no small matter to be taken lightly.

This thought, that you share the title of “father” with the God of the universe who has appointed you His representative in the family covenant, should make your knees knock and your arms tremble like wet spaghetti noodles.

We as fathers and husbands have some pretty serious responsibilities — which when completed in obedience to God’s Word — image forth the Lord of Glory to our families, specifically teaching the truth of the gospel and it’s applications for all of life to our kids.

The Lord has entrusted us with the precious truth of Christ crucified and commanded us to act on His behalf to preach and teach that truth to our families, and this authority comes directly out of our own child-Father covenant relationship with God.

So guys, take some time this week to meditate on the nature of the Father-child relationship between you and God, working through how this truth should be shaping your own relationship with your kids.

Michael Cantrell
Michael Cantrell is a Christian with a deep passion for Reformed theology, theonomic ethics, and teaching fellow believers how to engage in politics and pop culture with the good news of the gospel. Michael has been writing professionally for eight years and is currently a writer for Young Conservatives.

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