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We have many ideas for DatPostmil, but alas we are merely a few guys with day jobs. If you have a desire to help us out we would love to be able to provide a better podcasting experience with legit hosting (less site downtime, iTunes errors, faster download speeds, stats), proper mics, etc. Any donations we receive will primarily go towards an upgrade in hosting – for the site and podcast episodes it’d be around $50/month :-/ You have most likely experienced some errors on the site (not loading) and podcast (episodes not available), and that it due to poor (cheap) hosting.

You can send us whatever you feel like gifting using PayPal to


Or, if you want to discuss other options email us at

Thank you for you desire to help!

Do you shop at Amazon? Of course you do! One simple way to help us out would be to click on the image below to get to Amazon everytime you shop! Amazon knows you came from us and we get a couple cents per purchase. Not much, but if lost of people do it we could actually have good hosting soon! 🙂


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