A Journey to Theonomy, Part 1

A Journey to Theonomy, Part 1

Sometimes, when you deeply, madly, and truly study the Word of God, you stumble across truths so radical it’s like getting socked in the jaw by pre-face tattoo Mike Tyson, a jolt to the brain so severe it literally reworks that lump of grey matter rattling around in your dome.

At first it’s exciting, but then once you soak it in for a moment and start to grasp the applications of what you learned and the dramatic changes it’s going to bring to the way you think and how you live, suddenly you become terrified to the point of needing a change of pants.

I’ve had this experience three times in my life since the Lord Jesus rescued my soul through the gospel of grace. The first was at the time of my initial conversion at the ripe old age of 20. The second was when I encountered Reformed theology for the first time, and the third was when I ran across a strange, foreign theological term known as “theonomy.”

Before I dive into how theonomy totally shattered my view of the Bible and rebuilt it on a surer foundation awash in the beautiful, indescribable glory of God, allow me to fill you in on the journey which led me to this dramatic, life-altering encounter with the living God and His awesome law.

Part 1 — Politics

Two years ago, I underwent a career shift from being a business blogger and marketer to a full on political commentator writing for several of the biggest news sites on the Internet.

I’ve been pretty politically active ever since our oh-so-sweet commander-in-chief — just a drop or two of sarcasm is good for the heart or something — first took office.

While many Christians, under the sway of dispensational premillennialism, have opted to abandon the political and cultural spheres for “soul winning,” I always believed Jesus was Lord of Lords and King of Kings, ruling over every area of life, and in order to live a consistent life, we as believers needed to be engaged, living out our faith in all of culture, including politics.

I began educating myself politically speaking, devouring every book on history, the Constitution, and our nation’s first principles that I could get my hands on.

This eventually led me to writing for Young Conservatives (youngcons.com), which is one of the largest websites on the web where I write news pieces and commentate on the various things happening in culture and politics.

I was — and still am — convinced this was more than a way to pay the bills and put food on the table. It was my calling, one of the ministries given to me by the Lord, to fight against moral corruption and decay, acting as a preservative (Matt 5:13-16) and also sharing the gospel with folks all across the country and even the world.

God gave me a platform of millions of readers a month, and handed me an amazing opportunity to confront a godless culture with the truth of the gospel and God’s Word as a viable solution to the ills of modern progressive America.

Unfortunately, I began to feel a bit discouraged due to the lack of political engagement by other believers, which quickly turned into frustration, and maybe, just maybe, a touch of anger like a cherry on top of the not-so-sweet sundae of bitterness.

It seemed the overwhelming majority of believers around the country had no problem getting active when the Planned Parenthood videos came out, which gave me a spark of hope, but seeing how quickly they burned out and sort of turned their back yet again on being involved in the process, the frustration returned in full force.

Christians constantly droned on about how we’re not to worry about politics, but to submit to the government, often using Romans 13 — totally out of context — to justify submission and apathy concerning an unjust government.

After awhile, a teeny tiny little thought creeped into my brain, wriggling through the cracks in my cranium and burrowing itself deep inside my mind.

What if they were right, and I was wrong? Was I wasting my life writing about politics and pop culture from a Christian perspective instead of just preaching the gospel and teaching people about Jesus?

It was this dastardly little nugget of doubt that launched my adventure into the realm of Christian ethics, an area I’d previously never studied before…..

Part 2: Wrestling with the Law of God Coming Soon!

Michael Cantrell
Michael Cantrell is a Christian with a deep passion for Reformed theology, theonomic ethics, and teaching fellow believers how to engage in politics and pop culture with the good news of the gospel. Michael has been writing professionally for eight years and is currently a writer for Young Conservatives.

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