Episode 1 | Reign of Christ, 50 Shades of Nay, Lone Rangers

Episode 1 | Reign of Christ, 50 Shades of Nay, Lone Rangers

Here it is, what you’ve all been waiting for! Episode 1 of DatPostmil Podcast! We are so excited to bring you gospel-saturated dominion theology this week as we talk about:
• The Reign of Christ
• 50 Shades of Nay (Gospel Spam’s article)
• ‘Lone Rangers’ and the Local Church

DatPostmil Deets

Special thanks to Jovan Mackenzy for the intro and outro music! If you like it then should buy it!

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Dustin Ranem
Dustin Ranem brings #DatPostmil as a Digital Marketing Specialist in the frozen tundra that is MinneSnowta with his wife and 3 kids.
  • Sam

    Have you all considered being less silly and childish?

    • John Howell

      Yes we have. We decided against it. Seriously though we all agreed that we would rather be ourselves and joke around at times. Christ is reigning , have a laugh and celebrate the life he has given.

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