Dominion: For Self or God?

Dominion: For Self or God?

The creation mandate instituted in the garden given to Adam and Eve was to take dominion, which is absolute control. This dominion in which they were to take was in order to glorify God not themselves.

When Adam, our covenant head, transgressed God’s command and broke the covenant with God, man died spiritually and his desires fell along with the whole created order.

The world which was to be subdued and taken dominion of to the glory of God, was now cursed because of sin.

Fallen man from this point on seeks to take dominion for himself. We become idolaters, self seekers, and God-haters.

But God will not be mocked, those that seek to take dominion for themselves, in opposition to their Creator, will reap what they sow.

Those of us who have been redeemed, regenerated, re-created have been given this mandate anew. We have been given the Holy Spirit and the Word of God to empower us, give us strength and a desire to go forth and take Dominion to the glory of God.

Although we are justified in God’s sight through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, we are yet with sin and are being sanctified by the power of the Holy Spirit. Because of this we have a type of hypostatic union. The old man still resides within the new creation that we are in Christ. So we must fight the old man, the devil and the worldly system on a daily basis. This worldly system spoken of in Scripture is the one that is in direct opposition to God and full of idolatrous depraved man. Some of which will be redeemed and become part of the re-created order.

To sum it up all of mankind seeks to take dominion of every area of their lives. The question is not are we to take dominion, the question is for whom do we seek to take dominion?

Is it for our own self seeking, selfish desires, making us idolaters, worshipping self? Or do we seek to take dominion in every area of our lives in order to worship and glorify God our Creator? In order to take dominion we must be against the worldly system and for its redemption. We must not be of the worldly system but we must be engaged in it as light in darkness and salt to preserve. We must be ambassadors of the King of kings, proclaiming the doctrine of reconciliation between God and man into the worldly system. It is the great commission and it is our reasonable service.

Jason Sanchez
Jason is a sinner saved by grace, an ambassador of Christ, husband to Misty and a father of seven children seeking to glorify God by bringing every thought captive to the obedience of Christ in every area of life.

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