Ask a Theonomist – Your Questions Answered

Ask a Theonomist – Your Questions Answered

There is a lot of discussion these days about Theonomy. The recent debate between Joel McDurmon and Jordan (J.D.) Hall seems to have erupted a wildfire of activity on podcasts, blogs, and Facebook groups. There is a lot of disagreement on what Theonomy entails, both inside (Reconstructionists, Covenanters, Classical) and outside the camp. Theonomists throw around the term ‘Antinomian’ and non-Theonomists throw around the term ‘legalist.’ What do these actually mean? Perhaps they are accurate portrayals of individuals at times, but not always.

What we would like to do is clear the air on many issues and questions people have in regards to God’s law, and how it applies to us today. You have the opportunity to ask a Theonomist the questions you’ve been wanting to ask. We’ll carefully think them through and give a thoughtful answer in the form of a blog post and mini episode via the podcast feed. Our hope is that this series will clear up confusion and honor the Lord by edifying the body!

Please submit your (brief) question via the form below and we will get started!


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